Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Leave Kids/Animals Alone in Car

Summer is here in Southern Utah. We have to take precautions to help protect our children.

Here are some risks involved:

  • It only takes 10 minutes for the temperature to increase 20 degrees.
  • Cracking windows does little to keep the car cool.
  • With temperatures only in the 60s, your car can heat to well above 110 degrees. Since our outside temperature in Southern Utah can be 110 degrees imagine how hot it can be in your car.
  • A child's body temperature can rise up to five times faster than an adult's.
  • Heatstroke can happen when the temperature is as low as 57 degrees outside.
  • A child dies when his/her temperature reaches 107 degrees.
Please keep these risks in mind when you think about running into the store for only a few minutes and thinking about leaving your child in the car. For more ideas go to

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