Monday, January 5, 2015

Business Travel Risk

As we are in the new year, employers look to address the needs of their employees and the enterprise, an item that is often overlooked is coverage for the many risks posed by business travel. This exposure increases exponentially when international travel is involved and foreign voluntary workers compensation leaves critical gaps in coverage, especially when medical care is needed.  The best business travel accident coverage includes key components to address global travel risk, such as:
  • Security evacuation
  • Emergency medical evacuation (air ambulance when needed)
  • Out-of-country first-dollar medical coverage
  • Medical consultation and prescription drug assistance
  • Security training for new international travelers
  • The full range of complementary travel services with web access and a single point of contact
  • Unique accidental death & dismemberment benefits for catastrophic travel events
If your employees are regularly traveling in other coverages please call Main Street Insurance Agency at 435-674-2221 for more information.

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