Thursday, September 6, 2018

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is life insurance awareness month. Here are a few myths about life insurance:

Myth: It’s too expensive.
Truth: Many people can be insured for the price of a daily cup of coffee.

Myth: I’m not old enough to need life insurance.
Truth: Anyone can get life insurance. The younger and healthier you are, the easier it is to get a life insurance policy at a cheaper rate.

Myth: I can get it later.
Truth: Age and health can make it tough to get the coverage you want. You may develop a condition that makes you uninsurable – or worse, you may fall victim to a tragic accident.

Myth: I don’t need life insurance.
Truth: Life insurance has many, many uses. It can cover bills, pay for funeral costs, replace income in a household, serve as an inheritance for a loved one, fund education goals for a child, provide an important and sizable donation to a charitable organization and so much more.

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